A collaborative research paper by Saman Hosseinpour

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Saman Hosseinpour published a research paper in collaboration with scientists from Bielefeld University, Aalto University, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, and University of Vienna in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

Have you ever wondered what happens when Calcite (a dominant rock-forming mineral in the earth’s crust) comes in contact with water (the most abundant liquid on earth)? You can now sit back and read the paper “Water orientation at the calcite-water interface” by Saman Hosseinpour (Surfaces and Interfaces group), in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letter.,

In this paper, Saman and his collaborators utilized SFG, AFM, and molecular dynamics simulations to assess the peculiar orientation of water molecules on Calcite. Guess what! Water molecules position themselves in a checkerboard pattern when they meet on the Calcite surface.

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