Nanotechnology of Disperse Systems: Synthesis, Formation Mechanisms and Applications of Mesocrystals



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This is a block lecture course included in the main course "Nanotechnology of Disperse Systems" - for more information follow the link to the corresponding StudOn page

The lectures are pre-recorded and the corresponding video are uploaded on StudOn before the lecture; the teacher discusses the content of the lectures in Q&A sessions together with the students, at the regular lecture time.


This block lecture starts from the observation that crystallization is a widespread phenomenon in Nature, especially concerning the occurrence of hierarchical organization. In the first two lectures, after giving a definition of mesocrystals, the fundamental concepts of classical- and non-classical crystallization are described, with a special emphasis on oriented attachment. The forces acting between nanoparticles during particle-mediated-growth are reviewed. In the last two lectures, the application of mesocrystals as enhancement materials for fuel cells, batteries and photocatalysis are discussed with several examples taken from recent literature.

Additional information

Keywords: Nanotechnology

Expected participants: 50