Saman Hosseinpour, Vanessa Götz, and Wolfgang Peukert published a research paper in Angewandte Chemie

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

Oil/water interfaces are omnipresent in our life. You can find them at the surface of cell membranes, in dairy and other food products, as well as in technological fields such as oil refinery and pharmaceutics. Single and double emulsions are also emerging as means for smart drug delivery in which the stability of the emulsion plays a critical role in the efficient delivery of the payload.

The interface between oil and water is usually stabilized with surfactants to ensure the formation of stable emulsions. In this work by the Surfaces and Interfaces group, sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy is utilized to address the molecular interactions at the oil/water/surfactant interface and their impact on the macroscopic stability of emulsions.

This paper is the result of a very interesting collaboration with BASF and KIT.

Congratulations to Vanessa Götz for having her first paper published in such a prestigious journal.

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