MAP Poster prizes for LFG research and teaching award for Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor

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Activity in the "poster hall" during one of the sessions

In the afternoon of 9 February, 2022, the annual Poster Session and Awards Ceremony of the Elite Masters Programme in Advanced Materials and Processes (MAP) took place. Of the 27 posters on display, 6 were on research projects based at LFG.

Review and Prizes

A short video showing the highlights of the 2022 MAP poster session which was held online on 9 February. The "superflash talks" of the four poster award winners are included. 

The MAP Poster Session is the culmination of a scientific skills course led in the Winter Semester by LFG-based Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor and attended by the current third semester students (the 2020 MAP batch in the case of this year’s event). Due to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic this event was held online for the second year running. Among the up to 100 participants were current and prospective MAP students, lecturers, researchers and administrative staff. To enable a digital poster session which offers the same degree of personal interactions as a traditional, analogue session, Prof. Klupp Taylor used a concept based on two complementary online platforms: MURAL and zoom. All the posters could be seen on the former, which is an interactive online whiteboard. Participants could easily navigate and read any of the posters and also leave questions or comments in the form of sticky notes. One definite advantage of a digital poster over an analogue one was exploited by several students – to include movies of simulations or microscopical investigations directly on the poster! The MURAL also acted as the gateway to the plenary zoom sessions, and, by clicking on the students’ photo next to each poster, participants could enter a zoom meeting with that student and discuss the poster there.

The 2022 MAP Poster Session took place on an interactive whiteboard (MURAL)

The approximately two and a half hour event was divided into two sessions. The first of these covered projects relating to the MAP focal subjects Biomaterials and Bioprocessing and Computational Materials Science and Process Simulation. The second was dedicated to the Focal Subjects Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology and Advanced Processes. Each started with a plenary meeting on zoom where pre-recorded “superflash” talks prepared by the students were screened. In these 1 minute presentations the students introduced themselves and gave a very brief overview of their poster. After the talks the session moved to the MURAL and individual scientific discussions between the presenters and participants on zoom.

Lucía Morales was awarded first prize for her poster on inverse opal supraparticles carried out in the group of LFG-based professor Nicolas Vogel
Aaro Bosco was awarded joint third prize for his poster on patchy particles for SCALMS, a project carried out jointly between the Klupp Taylor group of LFG and the Haumann group of CRT


Participants concluded that it was an amazing poster session of extremely high quality regarding the level of digital presentation and the academic contributions of the students. All posters reached the standard required for presentation at international conference.

After the second round of poster presentations the event concluded in a plenary session dedicated to prize-giving. The best posters were selected by MAP lectures and supervisors. Posters based on research carried out at LFG won two awards: The 1st and joint 3rd prizes went to Lucía Morales and Aaro Bosco for work carried in the LFG’s Vogel and Klupp Taylor groups respectively.

The MAP best lecturer awards were also announced. This year these went jointly to LFG professor Robin Klupp Taylor and Michael Engel (Institute for Multiscale Simulation). Both professors were commended for their passion and enthusiasm in their teaching and also their active communication with the students, even during the challenging period of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.