Saman Hosseinpour and Wolfgang Peukert’s publication on Lithium-Ion Batteries is featured on the back cover of ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS

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In this article in collaboration with Prof. Wei Liu (Institute of New-Energy and Low-Carbon Technology (INELT), Sichuan University, China), the emerging organic surface chemistry for Si anodes in Lithium-ion batteries is discussed in the context of accelerating Si anodes commercial application. Timely insights into the interfacial evolution of Si-anodes and their synthesis-surface structure-performance relationships are provided. Challenges, prospects, and practical considerations to guide the future development of organic surface chemistry in Si-anodes are also discussed in detail. More information on this article can be found here: Emerging Organic Surface Chemistry for Si Anodes in Lithium‐Ion Batteries: Advances, Prospects, and Beyond – Chen – 2022 – Advanced Energy Materials – Wiley Online Library